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The worlds I like to explore are fantastical or magical, but always grounded in a reality, even if that reality isn't our own.

A girl doing homework rests a forked tongue on her lip. A mother deals with a tiny man in a cage her children bring home from school. A boy with a time machine ticking in his hand kisses a girl on a mountainside.


These are the sort of things that happen in the worlds I write about. Visit some of them below. If poetry is more your thing you can read some of my poems here.

The house in the woods is odd, but not as odd as Emmeline herself.

A man who is not Douglas Johnson is watching a light flicker. It's sending him a message.

Homeless teenager Georgie intends to spend another night in an abandoned train yard.

Ted bends time to remember this café in Soho as it once was.

Eliza is haunted by bees and she doesn't trust her memories.

A car crashes into an arcade on the seafront. Dale can picture the accident before he's seen it.

It's the end of the world. Scarlet catches herself in a reflection and for a moment she remembers old times.

Davy's not sure if what he remembers of last night is real or not. He has to find out.

A fire-eater contemplates another life.

A man with an aversion to water and a mysterious past meets an old friend.

Abigail wants to be alone. When she can't make that happen, she shares her secret with a stranger.

For halloween. Alfie and Thomas are best friends, but Thomas is moving away. At least, that's what everybody thinks.

An odd girl wearing pretty clothes jumps from a pier into the sea.

A woman in a world not-quite-our-own deals with some unusual class pets her children bring home for the summer.

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