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Two videos from my Hastings residency

July 16, 2018

I recently returned as writer in residence to Hastings Library to run additional sessions for selected participants from my original creative writing workshops.


Some excellent pieces of writing emerged from the three events, which took place over the course of a month. They were lengthier and more in-depth sessions than the initial workshops.


To keep a record of this work we made simple videos of the participants reading to camera. These have been edited into a very short film to give you a taste of the different worlds participants created.


A main feature of these workshops, as you'll notice, was that the group was intergenerational – younger participants learnt from older, and vice-versa.


Here's the short film of the participants reading their work:



The participants also gave feedback on their experience of taking part in the workshops, saying things like: "it's really helped me improve my creative writing at school and it helped boost my exam results as well", "I've started to like creative writing in a way I've never liked it before", "these workshops have been incredibly useful to me".


Here's the feedback film:



Both of the films above are intercut with shots of the beautifully renovated Hastings Library building.

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