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  • Alan Ward

So, yes, I have a blog – welcome!

It's not without a lot of thought that I've set up this website, and in particular this blog part of it.

This risk is that I only ever write this one post, and in seven years time I'll struggle to delete the whole thing when I finally get sick of the direct debit for the domain name coming out of my bank account once a year.

A brief look at the websites and blogs of some contemporary writers I admire reveals that many of them don't get much past the first post, which doesn't bode too well. I don't have to do an awful lot of scrolling to read their equivalent of this, the awkward here-I-am post.

I intend for this website to be a place where I chart my writing journey and I hope I'll keep it up, and that, on occasion, you'll want to read about it. I'm leaving a full-time job to focus on writing, so I'm quite committed to the idea, and I think that by having a blog I'll have a neat place to keep a record of my progress, share some stories, and store any other thoughts I have along the way that might be of interest.

At the moment this site is still in development but I wanted to bite the bullet and make the first post. Over the next few months I'll (hopefully) post more about my intentions and (again, hopefully) progress.

If you've read this post you're probably one of about five people in the world who ever will – and for that I'm grateful. Thanks so much for being here and taking an interest, it really means a lot.

Thanks for reading this post. I'd love to be able to share more of my stories and blog posts with you, please subscribe if you'd like hear more.

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